March 31, 2017

It's been about a month since we lost Chez. I know I spoke at his memorial, but what exactly I said is kind of a blur. I do know I emphasized what an incredibly loyal friend he was and how we were kindred spirits from the moment we met at CNN in NYC many many years ago. 

Chez' brilliance lives on in the archives of his work and words. I don't know that he ever appreciated just how talented he was, no matter how many people told him every time he posted something online. He had a spectacular way w...

March 28, 2017

I often joke I don't use Instagram much because I don't love the way I look in photos and no one needs to see pictures of my food. 

That said, my beautiful friend Cristen asked me to help model her new t-shirt line, and I'm so thrilled with how the images (by @emcmen) turned out that I'm posting a couple here for all to see.

Visit for more of Cristen's tees and jewelry and know your money is going towards a great cause: I Am Now Me: a mentorship program for young women in hal...

March 2, 2017

Contrary to much of the Wednesday morning media commentary giving the man extraordinary credit for doing nothing more than reading a teleprompter, I believe Trump's still the same crazy racist narcissist we've come to know and despise. 

Thankfully, I have friends like Brad Friedman who invite me to share my thoughts out loud with others. 

Here's today's episode of The BradCast with my take on Trump's Joint Session speech. 

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