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In His Honor

It's been about a month since we lost Chez. I know I spoke at his memorial, but what exactly I said is kind of a blur. I do know I emphasized what an incredibly loyal friend he was and how we were kindred spirits from the moment we met at CNN in NYC many many years ago.

Chez' brilliance lives on in the archives of his work and words. I don't know that he ever appreciated just how talented he was, no matter how many people told him every time he posted something online. He had a spectacular way with language. He was raw and real and unapologetically honest.

When Bob Cesca asked me to join him for the podcast he did with Chez, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I wanted the chance to make Chez proud and to help keep his legacy of never mincing words alive.

Have a listen. I think he'd say we did alright.

Bob Cesca Show

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